3D Carbon - is a new collection with rings in carbon

Carbon is a fantastic material, hard but light and with a durable and very interesting surface. The thousand layers of carbon, thin as 1/10 of a hair, are overlapping each other and creates individual shadings in the material and makes every ring unique.

All life we know, is based on carbon

The element carbon, was created million years ago. It oozes character and self-confidence and gives a natural connection to the origin of the earth, to the present and to the future. Together with precious metals and diamonds, which is also a form of carbon, our goldsmith’s creates beautiful and incredible rings, as a strong symbol for eternal love and constancy!

An excellent choice if you want something different!

The collection includes

CR200, CR230, CR300, CR400 carbon rings with different profiles and width.

Carbon 1-8 carbon rings with 14K gold, titanium and silver. The rings can be set with beautiful diamonds or cz.

Carbon 9-14 exclusive carbon rings with 18K gold, titanium and silver.